Cloud Applications

Cloud apps

We believe plugins and API based solutions can largely eliminate the need for traditional servers.
For dynamic content and functionality in your website, we'll create the right cloud hosted solution for your needs

What do we do?

A fundamental component of our core philosophy is that many, if not most functionalities that traditionally require the use of a backend server running 24/7 can be provided using on-demand services hosted in the cloud.

Committed to providing high quality, robust and secure services, we use the Amazon Web Services platform and the growing range of powerful tools AWS offers, to develop and deliver our cloud applications for businesses both large and small (and micro).

Why is this a good thing?

Instead of requiring a dedicated or general purpose server that must be supported, maintained and which must be kept running at all times, we utilize, design and create API’s and microservices that can be called securely whenever needed.

The API’s and applications we build and use don’t create large maintenance overheads and are hugely scalable.  When not actively in use, they don’t consume resources, keeping costs to a minimum and ensuring our services are provided with a small environmental footprint.

Of course, when our API’s are being called, there is a server within the public cloud that executes our code but only for the minimum amount of time actually necessary, with low latency and the capacity to respond whether the demand is large or small.

Global and local courtesy of the cloud

Even though our service and delivery model means our API’s are always accessible on-demand globally via the web, the cloud hosting platform we use allows us to bring our API’s closer to you to ensure minimum latency by making them securely available from multiple locations around the world.

What can our API’s and applications be used for?

Our API’s can be used to add functionality to websites as part of our comprehensive web design services, as standalone additions to existing websites or as fully separate services that can be called from other applications to add functionality and computational power.

Acting as tiny computational units they can be chained together like cogs in a larger machine to collectively provide much larger and more complex services.

Applications range from embedding or enabling user generated content within web pages, through to providing data capture, reporting, data processing, integrations with existing systems and much more.

Slow web page loading and performance can influence search engine rankings and avoiding functionality that reduces page performance should be considered as part of your SEO strategy.  Unlike some 3rd party plugins that embed remote scripts that can cause blocking and poor page responsiveness, our API’s operate only when needed.  Where scripts are needed to exchange information with our API’s and process responses, these are embedded locally to avoid blocking and poor performance.

Sounds expensive…

Naturally cost depends on complexity and scale but depending on the exact functionalities required we can provide low cost pay-per-use models for API usage, with an up-front agreed hourly or daily rate for custom API and app design and construction.  Where we determine we are able to reuse functionalities and API’s for other clients, securely and without impact to performance, we may reduce or even waive initial design and construction fees altogether.

If you’d like to know more or would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us and we’ll be happy to have an initial discussion without obligation.