Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Services

All our services are hosted in the cloud to ensure scalability and availability without geographical limits.
Being committed to cloud means we can provide robust solutions without high cost to you or the environment.

Global Reach

Choosing a hosting provider is a major component of your website and application design strategy.  Our hosting is provided through Amazon Web Services so that we can ensure your content is delivered quickly wherever your users are.

For sites and applications with global reach, we recommend static content is delivered through AWS CloudFront to increase availability and reduce latency using the CloudFront edge locations nearest to your primary consumers.  Responsiveness of your website and its functions is a key factor in user satisfaction and influences your rankings in search engines.  Our goal is to ensure you start from a strong position.

Scalable Service

Our focus on ‘static’ content with dynamic functionality driven by scalable API’s and plugins allows us to scale up using CloudFront at any time as your hosting needs evolve, so you can start small and we can expand with you as your business grows.  Our approach is to work with you long term, as much or as little as you need to ensure your website delivers value and supports your goals.

Minimum Footprint

The technologies and methodologies we use, with a focus on avoiding the need for fixed, provisioned servers help us to scale fluidly and seamlessly as your traffic changes over time, avoiding problems related to availability and lack of scalability.

Too high a capacity means waste, higher than necessary costs and higher than necessary impact to the environment (everything we do or consume has an impact).  Too low a capacity means your services may not always cover your needs without loss of performance or availability.

Whether your traffic grows consistently or your services need to react to fluctuations and bursts of high volume activity, our approach means we can provide a consistently high performance without over compensating.  By using an approach that inherently scales up and down, as and when needed, we ensure you keep to the minimum capacity needed to ensure high performance whatever the scale of your needs.

If you’d like to know more about our methodologies and the technologies we use, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss our approaches with you, without obligation.