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Serverless solutions

Serverless is a cloud computing approach that activates computing resources on-demand, and shifts all responsibility for infrastructure management such as scaling, scheduling, patching, provisioning, to cloud platform providers. Learn how developers can focus time and effort on the business logic rather than infrastructure management... read more

Published: 5/8/2021

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Server based solutions

Some customers find the prospect of a custom integration built on-prem or within their own cloud environment to be an attractive proposition. The selling point for this type of service is that it is built the same way that all applications have been built before them (i.e. they run on a server). But this type of solution often leads to a high total cost of ownership and future technical debt.... read more

Published: 16/7/2021

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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

iPaaS is a cloud-based integration solution that has pre-built tools for building and deploying integrations between cloud (or on-prem) based applications. An iPaaS generally enables basic connectivity to enterprise applications and the transfer and transformation of data between them. But are they best for business? read more

Published: 29/6/2021

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Vendor integration platforms (Connectors)

Some Enterprise Applications come with connectors and integration tools that are meant to solve the problem of getting data in and out of the platform. In some cases, additional payment is required to enable these solutions, and although connectors are often marked as a one-stop-solution for all things In and Out, unfortunately they rarely deliver on that promise... read more

Published: 25/5/2021

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What are Enterprise Application Integrations?

EAI enables the flow of information between the core systems of the organization or external software platforms. It enables the consolidation of data and the sharing of this information with greater ease and speed to a wider audience. This translates to cost savings as departments can see the data that they need when they need it... read more

Published: 6/5/2021

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Nano update

Established in 2015, nano has been busy building serverless solutions for customers for the past 6 years. With a solid record of delivering massive cost savings to customers on their integrations, it was only a matter of time before we would need to bring on more people to cope with the demand... read more

Published: 5/5/2021