A scalable software integration platform (iPaaS) that doesn't restrict what, when or how you integrate data between systems. Built for developers by developers, nanoConnect allows customers to build integrations in Code (node.js). We simplify the process of data ingress / egress from any system giving you the freedom to build solutions that run on demand, and execute reliably every time.

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A tool for everyone

nanoConnect is available in the following deployment models:

  • Enterprise deployments into dedicated environments, allowing further platform customisation and extensibility.
  • Whitelabel deployments for customers seeking to leverage the platform's power and scalability for their own clients.
  • Cloud Service which is a hosted and managed service allowing any developer or customer anywhere to build integrations.

Focus on the Business Logic

Building integrations often requires significant knowledge of the systems being connected. We help reduce effort by providing prebuilt connectors that are made available via a service development kit (nanoSDK) that can be integrated with your code. By providing a flexible, highly extensible platform, your team can focus on solving business problems with the right logic. By supporting a focus on the business problem our platform doesn't get in the way of solving highly complex, multi-step integrations using one of the most commonly used programming languages on the planet.

Rapidly Build, Test and Deploy

A simple to use interface and API access allows developers flexibility in how they use the platform. We provide the essential development tools that developers are accustomed in addition to features that will make their life easier:

  • development, test and production environment for testing integrations
  • git repository for each (enterprise) client with automated deployments from master
  • no-SQL database for storing state variables, transient data and more
  • repository for file storage along with security credentials for access
  • logging to facilitate rapid troubleshooting
  • library of pre-existing and standardised connectors to accelerate development
  • flexible event-based job triggers and job scheduling options
  • API options for consuming target data from common BI tools such as PowerBI

Serverless compute


nanoConnect leverages massively scalable compute capabilities, to provide the power needed for highly complex integrations with the capability to handle 10's of thousands of new integrations every second and can further be expanded for enterprise customers to support even greater volumes. The platform also includes an automatic queuing system to ensure no job gets left behind.

Serverless storage


Secure object storage is provided to each customer, allowing for the creation of data lakes, data backups, storing the output of integrations or input data files (which can be used to trigger integrations). Customers can access this data via the UI and 3rd party tools such as Cloudberry Drive.

Serverless database


nanoConnect includes programmatic access to a No-SQL database that can be used to store rapidly accessible data or state variables for integrations. All data within is secured and encrypted while offering millisecond performance even at scale.

Serverless security


Built-in connectors exposed by the nanoSDK handle the difficult task of accessing data from a range of platforms with various authentication protocols. This simplifies the process of developing an integration, but also improves the security of integration jobs by ensuring developers do not need to hard code the credentials used.

Serverless Networking


Our platform access includes a well documented API. By default nanoConnect makes API requests to third party applications from a dynamic range of IP address although fixed IP address and VPN solutions for outbound requests can be provided to enterprise customers seeking further customisation of the platform.

Serverless Management

Management and Reporting

Manage all of your integrations in a single platform. nanoConnect includes performance monitoring of integration jobs and provides API access to telemetry data allowing you to create your own monitoring and reporting solutions.