nanoWeb is a completely serverless website hosting platform that allows customers to freely build static and dynamic websites and web applications. Built on AWS Lambda, our solution provides practically unlimited scalability.

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Built to scale

nanoWeb offers truly unlimited growth potential, scaling to handle more than 10,000 new web requests per second. Built entirely on AWS serverless infrastructure it provides superior performance compared with traditional hosted solutions. Our serverless backend is designed to handle requests through a massively parallel architecture. Each visitor is handled with dedicated compute that turns on - does it's job - then turns off again, all within milliseconds. Meaning customers aren't stuck waiting for a page to load, nor are they sitting in a queue waiting for access to resources.

Serverless compute

Hybrid Client-Server Side rendering

Modern web applications make effective use of both client-side and server-side rendering. Our node.js backend supports both client and server side rendering depending on deployment model. Get your next web application off to a fast start with a fully functioning web service running serverlessly in the cloud. With unparalleled flexibility connect your favorite frontend framework such as Vue, React or Angular with backend that can handle server side rendering with unconstrained performance.

Infrastructure as code

Simple to build

Bring your own web development tools like Dreamweaver and Boostrap. nanoWeb provides each site a git repository for the management of static and client side assets making it easy to integrate within development workflows. Create any kind of website and fine tune every aspect of your site with the tools you want to use.

Serverless database

Start your way

Download site templates from the web, load them into your repository and you're ready to go. nanoWeb makes it super easy to deploy new resources and assets through an interface that many developers are already familar with - git. A base deployment contains a hello world example to get you started, pick up a WYSIWYG editor and push that content to the web with ease.


Quality focussed

nanoWeb deploys your content updates automatically into a development environment with dedicated URLs allowing teams to review their work before being published into a test or production. Share page updates with the team to review in a test environment before approving changes into production. Our 3 tier architecture allows teams to collaborate easily, see the impact of changes, and review them in a test environment. The quality of your pages will be improved through better quality assurance processes.


Security matters

Enterprise and Application development customers have access to a base deployment inclusive of authorization service. Build highly secure applications that support MFA, and Single Sign On without having to learn the intricacies of each. With security features enabled, each request to your site will be authenticated by nano's ISO compliant identity management solution.

Serverless Management

Management and Reporting

Get metrics about your application directly through our logging API. Customers get access to a wealth of data about each request made to their sites, even without in-page trackers. Understand where your bottlenecks are (if any), and develop your own reports based on the data provided.