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Our products are built using serverless components, ensuring they are low cost to operate and maintain, while providing world class reliability and scalability. Serverless, on-demand approaches allow us to ensure that our products operate with the highest level of environmental sustainability, only consuming power and resources when they're actually being used.

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Serverless compute

Integration Platform 

nanoConnect is a massively scalable, highly configurable, and rapidly deployable integration platform built for customers who no longer wish to be constrained by the opinionated frameworks that other iPaaS solutions offer. nanoConnect comes in three flavours:

  • Enterprise deployments for customers that need an integration platform deployed in their own environment and would like to customise it further to their needs,
  • Whitelabel deployments for customers seeking to leverage the platform's power and scalability for their own clients, and our
  • Cloud Service which is a hosted and managed service allowing any developer or customer on the planet to build integrations.

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Authentication Service

Authentication Service

nanoAuth is a completely serverless authentication service that is highly configurable and able to support advanced OAuth2 compliant authentication, and SSO. The service scales to millions of users and supports sign-in with social identity providers and enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

The service provides secure and scalable identity storage, identity federation, standards based authentication, and powerful features such as multi-factor authentication and risk-based adaptive authentication. It is managed through an API interface allowing for easy integration of the service into existing and applications.

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Serverless applications

Serverless Websites

nanoWeb is a static (Jamstack) web page hosting platform that provides customers with massively scalable and highly configurable serverless infrastructure. Web developers can use the tools they're accustomed to in developing websites and web-apps and rapidly deploy that content into a 3 tier enterprise grade pipeline allowing them to safely develop, test and then deploy changes. Our flexible platform supports:

  • Static websites inclusive of custom forms,
  • Advanced websites including server-side rendering, dynamic content, and forms,
  • Web applications providing serverless vue/react/angular/js front-end and node.js backend.

Powered by AWS Lambda our solution scales to millions of visitors without the need for complex infrastructure, providing teams with the freedom to build whatever solution they can imagine.

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