serverless applications

reduce dependencies that can constrain your business growth

Highly Scalable

Our code runs on demand, using only as much compute power as needed, whenever needed.

Being serverless allows us to create massive flexible compute capacity to reduce processing bottlenecks in your landscape.

Agile, Secure, Dependable

Freedom from infrastructure means we focus on building the functionality you need. Changes to functionality can be applied and deployed quickly with lower risk as your business needs change.

No servers to backup, patch or maintain and we ensure each service is limited to only the tasks it needs to perform.

Microservice based approaches allow services to have high availability and help eliminate single points of failure.

Cost Optimised

Capacity scales up or down automatically in response to demand without creating fixed hardware landscapes so costs are strongly aligned to actual usage.

Event driven or scheduled

Whether your processes operate on fixed schedules or run dynamically in response to demand, our cloud solutions are always ready to pickup the workload.

Scale up and scale out without fear of over or underprovisioning compute capacity. Optimize costs and align them with revenue. Use only what you need, however much you need, only when you need.