modernising applications with serverless architectures

Nano helps customers modernise their applications allowing them to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and make the most of their existing investments. Our approach lets you strategically stage development to reduce risk, and focus on workloads suitable for the adoption and use of new serverless cloud-native technologies. This enables faster delivery of value to the organisation through scale and cost optimisation and from a well-governed CI/CD pipeline that supports reduced Capex and minimal future maintenance.

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Focus on what matters

The use of serverless (cloud-native) technology helps customers save money when building new applications and updating or retiring legacy solutions. Through modernisation, Enterprise customers and SaaS providers can significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their applications and integrations. This comes through greater efficiency in developing solutions along with a reduced cost of operation. With the reduced effort required to maintain serverless solutions, customers can focus their resources on their core mission of improving customer experiences. With serverless solutions, customers benefit from massive scalability combined with a pay-as-you-go pricing model that creates incremental savings in the application of event-driven computing.

Rapidly innovate

We accelerate your cloud application/integration development with the use of Infrastructure as Code. This allows for the rapid deployment not only of code and containers but the entire technology stack. A typical platform can be deployed within minutes allowing developers to get access to a shared repository that is isolated from customer data and managed through a three-tier hierarchy of Dev, Test and Production accounts. This means we're able to build code without impacting production environments and deploy that solution (after it has been quality assured) right into production without downtime.

We make extensive use of software-defined routing layers to enable solutions which; operate across multi-domains and geographic regions/availability zones, handle multi-tenancy solutions, and enables multiple versions of the solution to operate at the same time. Our approach means we can rapidly iterate on solutions whilst maintaining business continuity for our customers.

Serverless compute


Run your entire application and code without the need to provision or manage servers. With serverless computing, you only pay for the resources you consume and benefit from the massive scalability of solutions like AWS Lambda.

Serverless storage


Serverless storage options exist to support your application development and are highly elastic with a range of options depending on the use case. Whether it's an Elastic File System or Block Store, Simple Storage Service (S3), data ingest with Amazon Snow, or you simply need to perform Backups or put your data into long term storage with Glacier, you benefit from the optimised performance and low cost.

Serverless database


There is a range of serverless database options that can be used to compose the data tier of your application. You can choose from a high performing relational database with Aurora, or a key-value document database with millisecond performance at any scale like DynamoDB, or even a fast and scalable time-series database like Timestream for IoT and operational applications.

Serverless security


Applications must ensure that only those requests that are authorised can access their resources. Serverless options for security include KMS and Secrets manager, IAM Roles and Policies, Amazon Cognito for sign-in and custom authorizers that enable OAuth2.0, SAML, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Serverless Networking


Networking and content delivery in a serverless application is provided by API Gateway which handles requests, CloudFront high-performance content routing and caching, Route 53 for domain name service management and various options for direct and private connectivity to your cloud resources.

Serverless Management


Serverless applications benefit from automated scaling in addition to Management and Governance services such as CloudWatch for performance monitoring and CloudTrail for logging. In addition, the better management of deployments is made possible through Pipelines and CloudFormation, which when combined allows development teams to stand up an entire platform in minutes.

Recent projects

Our solutions are highly adaptable to different corporate environments. As such we're constantly looking for opportunities to bring value to customers through their implementation. Here is a recent integration we've built for our enterprise customers:

Payroll solution modernisation

We've been helping a global payroll SaaS provider to modernise their legacy systems
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Web application modernisation

We've been helping a range of customers deploy web applications and websites which are 100% serverless
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