Workforce Software integrations

We enable the seamless integration of Workforce Suite with your existing enterprise software. Share Workforce data across enterprise platforms with our high performance and rapidly deployable solutions for extracting, transforming and loading data. Our solutions can be used to automate business processes, connect to other enterprise applications, build web and mobile applications, and drive business analytics with real-time data.

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Integration options

Your integration options

If you're interested in learning about the various options available for Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI), our whitepaper discusses all of them in detail and explains how serverless solutions reduce business risk and minimise the total lifecycle cost.

Why integrate with Workforce?

Integrations with Workforce software allows for the elimination of slow and manual workflows associated with time management activities. This leads to efficiency gains through time reductions for finance, people and project management teams. With appropriate governance and controls built-in, integrations enable automated handling of exception reporting and approvals processes along with the difficult task of data synchronisation between different enterprise applications. With an overall reduction in the time between a record being updated in one system, and that data being replicated or made available to another, decision making is improved through immediate access to up-to-date information and insights.


Nano benefits

Integrations with Workforce Software often require complicated setup and the management of SOAP-XML interfaces. Our solutions simplify the process of obtaining Workforce data and generally offer the following benefits:

  • Multi-cloud, platform-agnostic integrations
  • Freedom from restrictions and complexities imposed by vendor-specific tools
  • Use of industry-standard tools and programming languages to support maintainability
  • CI/CD pipelines and deployment automation for strong solution governance
  • Infrastructure as code to support high agility to changing business needs
  • Lightweight microservices
  • Transparent performance monitoring
  • Environmentally sustainable solutions

Recent integrations and solutions

Here are just some of the recent integrations we've built for our enterprise customers:

Workforce SoftwareSAP Software
WorkForce to Employee Central Payroll

Realtime timesheet postings from Workforce Software into Employee Central Payroll
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Workforce Software
REST for WorkForce Software

REST API based on-demand and bulk data extraction and ingest solutions
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Workforce Software
WorkForce Software data extraction and load

WFS scheduled and on-demand bulk data extraction and ingest solutions
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