Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Services


All our services are hosted in the cloud to ensure scalability and availability without geographical limits.
Being committed to cloud means we can provide robust solutions without high cost to you or the environment.

Global Reach

Choosing a hosting provider is a major component of your website and application design strategy.  A poor quality hosting partner can seriously impact your security and application performance with negative impact to user experience and search engine rankings.  Our hosting is provided through Amazon Web Services so that we can ensure your content is delivered quickly wherever your users are without compromise.

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Image courtesy of Amazon Web Services.  For the most current information on the AWS Global Infrastructure please visit Amazon Web Services

1additional zones and regions coming throughout the year.
2not all services supported in all regions - service offerings will be adapted to ensure best availability.

For sites and applications with global reach and/or a need to cater for high volume traffic, AWS CloudFront increases availability and reduces latency using the edge locations nearest to your primary consumers.

The global reach of our hosting capability extends beyond just static content.  AWS presence in 35 availability zones in 13 geographic regions1 allows us to ensure your dynamic functionality and applications are also globally accessible2.

Flexible landscape


For new builds, our focus on ‘static’ content with dynamic functionality driven by scalable API’s and plugins allows our services to scale according to demand at any time in step with fluctuating demand but this approach also allows us to expand with you as your business grows by seamlessly adding new services as needed.  Our approach is to work with you long term, as much or as little as you need to ensure our service to you delivers value and supports your goals as your business evolves.

hybrid cloud

Businesses don't often have the luxury of starting from scratch and have services that must be maintained, with either bespoke or commercial software running locally on-premise on systems not ready for retirement.  We take the time to listen to your needs and plan accordingly for services that can be moved to the cloud immediately like websites and email, ensuring that services that must remain locally can still be supported without increase in service and maintenance complexity.

traditional workloads

When existing systems are ready for retirement or replacement, we'll work with you to plan and execute the next phase of your journey into the cloud.  Where traditional server based software needs to be retained, we'll design and build robust, secure and scalable solutions hosted in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.  Working together with you, your existing providers and our partners and affiliates we'll ensure your solutions remain flexible for the future and, where possible, with a single point of contact for support and maintenance.

Environmentally friendly hosting

The technologies and methodologies we use, with a focus on avoiding the need for fixed, provisioned servers not only allows us to ensure your services scale fluidly and seamlessly as your traffic changes over time but allows us to minimize the environmental impact of your services.

Too high a capacity means waste, higher than necessary costs and higher than necessary impact to the environment from the energy usage associated with excess and idle facilities.  Too low a capacity means your services may not always cover your needs without loss of performance or availability.

Our approach to hosting ensures you only use the minimum capacity needed to fully support your business, eliminating as much waste as possible.  By operating our services from platforms committed to using renewable energy we ensure you benefit from the economies of scale available within the public cloud while minimizing impact to the environment.

Comprehensive service and aftercare

Our commitment to service doesn't end with the go-live of your website or applications.  Our goal is to ensure your business needs are supported in the long term too with ongoing service, advice and innovation.

Whether you need frequent and intensive ongoing support for your changing business needs or simply need an occasional hand with updates or advice, we're there whenever you need us.

With service and aftercare options ranging from simple on-demand assistance based on hourly service rates to ongoing and inclusive service and support packages, we can accommodate your needs as a professional partner.

If you’d like to know more about our approach to service and the methodologies and technologies we use, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you, without obligation.