BSB automatic update service

Automatic update of ERP systems with AusPayNet BSB updates


Simplifies and automates maintenance of up-to-date Banking information for HR Payroll and Finance.


The BSB is a critical component of the bank identification for payroll transfers and must be kept relevant where new bank branches are opened and closed. This service provides an automated configuration update service using current BSB data from the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet). The service may be provided either as an integrated solution with the ERP software or via a REST API based on customers’ requirements.

For customers using SAP and Employee Central (including onboarding) our solution ensures both sets of systems are synchronised and updated avoiding manual updates and eliminating sources of error.


Data retrieved from AusPayNet servers is pushed via secure HTTPS to ERP systems with support for OAuth2.0. Data connections into Employee Central always use OAuth2.0 and HTTPS


Data is refreshed on a monthly basis according to the AusPayNet schedule and only changed data is passed to the client systems, minimizing workloads in the target systems.

Companies waste a lot of time manually keeping their systems up to date based on files and spreadsheets. Automated solutions allow that effort to be focused in more meaningful areas freeing staff to focus on their real work rather than uploading configuration files.