Collaboration tools and messaging

Message integrations and approval workflows within various collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence and Teams.


Messaging services are provided which keep staff updated on the progress of tasks being performed by nano’s integration layer and enable workflows with approvals as part of the customer’s business logic.


Nano’s integrations support messaging services to modern collaboration platforms, making use of existing APIs to enable staff to be informed of the platform’s performance. Additionally, these integrations allow for the construction of business logic and approvals processes into integration designs enabling “human in the loop” control over data exchange between core systems.


All calls are made over HTTPS and authentication based on customer requirements. Solutions support Basic Auth, API Key and OAuth2 based security options. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.


Data validation occurs in transit based on the customers’ requirements.

You don't need to login to 'another platform' to be connected. Keep updated on the health and status of your integrations through your own collaboration platforms. Get notified for approvals across multiple platforms such as email, sms or messaging services and keep informed of events as they occur in real-time.