Employee Central Payroll to S/4HANA finance

Realtime payroll postings from ECP to S/4HANA FI


Highly secure and automated posting of SAP payroll into SAP S/4HANA FI.


For customers with split SAP systems for payroll and FI our service provides automated payroll posting flow at realtime speeds. Catering for both SAP cloud and on-premise scenarios the solution operates seamlessly for both payroll and finance teams.

  • Your payroll team run SAP payroll and posting to FI as normal.
  • Posting data is immediately and securely pushed to our service with retention of intermediate data against agreed retention periods for audit purposes.
  • Our service immediately and securely passes payroll postings to the target FI system regardless of whether the scneario is on-prem to cloud, cloud to cloud or cloud to on-prem.
  • Both payroll and FI teams are immediately notified of the status of posting transmission via MS-Teams, SMS or email.
  • Payroll retrocalculations are fully supported.

To ensure configuration is synchronised between FI and payroll systems, our solution also supports cost object (GL accounts, cost centres, profit centres) replication from the FI system to payroll as an independent service.


All calls are made over HTTPS with multi-factor authentication and event logging based on customer requirements.


SAP native data formats are used within the data transfers to ensure no additional transformations are required. SAP standard models for FI cost substitution handling is not impacted allowing your FI teams to post-process posting data as required.

You spent a fortune on your payroll and FI implementations. You don't need to spend another to connect your systems together. Our serverless solutions are quickly deployed and eliminate the need for costly integration tools or complex vendor solutions, with no ongoing licensing or expensive subscription based billing to worry about.