RESTful APIs for SAP data extraction and ingress


Simplified data load and extraction for SAP systems via modern REST APIs. Unleash the power of SAP data without expensive middleware.


Our solution avoids the need for expensive middleware solutions allowing clients to securely access their data via on-demand JSON REST APIs natively against SAP systems whether on-premise or cloud including S/4HANA and ECP. The APIs can be used for both read and write access requests flexibly according to client business needs with full support for high volume data access, cacheing and ingest throttling to avoid performance impacts within SAP. Event driven processing along with data transformations and formation of data lakes for access by multiple downstream systems are supported reliably and with extremely low cost.


All calls are made over HTTPS with authentication models to suit customer requirements including API tokens and OAuth2.0.

Validations and transformations

More than just API endpoints, our solution enables data validations and transformations to be performed in transit to support the needs of your connected systems.

SAP systems are hugely powerful. Connecting your other systems should be simple.