REST for WorkForce Software

REST API based on-demand and bulk data extraction and ingest solutions


Eliminate SOAP XML based web services from your integrations to WorkForce Software and adopt modern secure JSON REST based APIs.


Our JSON REST API services translate the Workforce Solution SOAP XML web services for ingestion of external time recording data and export of leave balances and evaluated timesheet outputs allowing secure on-demand access to a your data in Workforce. Our solution in combination with custom scripting at the WorkForce layer allows us to give you modern access solutions for data beyond the packaged WFS solutions including the ability to form cloud hosted data lakes outside of the WFS solution to provide highly available data access to your downstream systems.


All calls are made over HTTPS with multi-factor authentication based on customer requirements.

Validation and transformation

Validation against published Workforce WSDLs is performed in transit along with any customer data quality and transformation requirements.

Enhance and extend WorkForce Software solutions without the need for cumbersome and expensive middleware layers. Our solutions give you access to your data in the way you need for your business.