Virtual Drive for SAP

Bulk data / file transfers and synchronisation for SAP


Reduces the manual load and synchronisation effort required for getting files into and out of SAP. Allows teams to work on data in CSV / XML / Other formats with rapid automated update of data into SAP.


Files are stored in a virtual network drive which is synchronised with data stored in SAP. When changes occur at either end, serverless integrations are triggered which synchronises those changes. Your teams are able to ensure they have access to the latest information while ensuring SAP also contains their latest updates.


All data transfers in and out of SAP are made via secure HTTPS connections. Customer data is stored in a virtual drive which is accessed via Secure FTP and/or PC based tools.

Validations and transformations

Validation and transformation of data can also be provided as per customer data quality and approvals requirements operating dynamically during file sync processes.

Set your SAP data free and enable your teams to access and work on the information they need, using the tools they're familiar with.