WorkForce Software data ETL

WFS scheduled and on-demand bulk data extraction and ingest solution


Bulk data extraction and load into Workforce. Facilitates ingest of large updates from HR teams or external time capture systems and secure extraction of data.


Our solution provides clients with a secure datastore accessible via secure FTP and/or PC based tools acting as an endpoint for data transfers into and out from WFS.

Data extracts from WFS can be directly written from WFS to the datastore and subjected to immediate transformations and/or pushed to other systems, while data added to the datastore can be accessed and ingested by, or pushed directly to WFS. 


User and group level security policies can be applied at a folder and file level to maintain strong control over data access by client teams while data is accessed via secure FTP / HTTPs connections.

Validations and transformations

Validations and transformations can be applied dynamically during updates into and egress from the datastore from either direction as needed.

HR data is complex. Handling HR data and its flow between systems shouldn't be. Our solutions allow your teams to focus on results rather than the mechanics of getting data from A to B.