Payroll SaaS Modernisation

Modernising the integration/API layer of a legacy SaaS platform.

The Challenge

Our customer needed to modernise its SaaS platform to take advantage of Cloud-native Serverless and Event-driven services.

Motivations included reducing the overall cost of ownership whilst allowing the platform to scale beyond its current limitations.


Nano is responsible for the design and development of integration solutions for the modernisation of a global payroll SaaS platform. The SaaS provides workforce management and payroll processing for customers with direct integrations into their CRM/HRIS systems.

Nano is responsible for Solution architecture - design of serverless integration solutions utlising AWS cloud infrastructure including Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Route 53, API Gateway, etc.. Our solution architectures will result in significant (10x) savings in the long term operating costs of the integrations as compared with their current monolithic application.


Nano is also providing design and consulting advice around the use of Cognito for serverless authentication and authorization. The use of Cognito and its configuration involves multiple domains, SSO, MFA and Company-Domain-Role based authorizations is expected to decrease the overall cost of operating the authentication layer and can scale to more than 40m monthly users.

Validation and testing

Data validation is performed in transit.

Internal testing is performed during code build and supported by external testing via a fully defined API, testing regime and automated monitors in Postman.

We're delivering the next generation of serverless architectures that will lead to massive scalability, is highly performant and is cost optimised from day one.