Web application modernisation

Modernising the delivery of dynamic web applications and websites

The Challenge

A number of our customers were looking to take advantage of Cloud-native Serverless and Event-driven services to deliver their web based applications and websites whilst minimising the total cost of ownership.


Nano is responsible for Solution architecture, design and implementation of serverless web-applications utlising AWS cloud infrastructure including Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Route 53, API Gateway, etc.. Our serverless platforms have resulted in 10x savings in the long term operating costs of these platforms as compared with hosted server-based solutions.

In fact, this very website is as an example of what can be achieved with a 100% serverless stack. It scales in response to increased demand and costs less than a cup of coffee to operate.


Nano makes use of Cognito, KMS, IAM, DynamoDB and custom authorizers for serverless authentication and authorization. This allows for the handling of; simple and complex authentication, multiple domains, SSO, MFA and any associated business logic. This approach allows for rapid scaling of user counts without intervention and out of the box can support more than 40 million monthly users (with further room to scale).

Validation and testing

Internal testing is performed during code build and supported by external testing via a fully defined API, testing regime and automated monitors in Postman or as per the customer's requirements.

We're delivering the next generation of serverless architectures that will lead to massive scalability, is highly performant and is cost optimised from day one.