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We're proud of our client successes and grateful we were chosen to partner with them on their journeys, to guide, design and construct solutions that support their business goals.

We're also proud to be able to share, with their permission, some of our recent successes with you in the testimonials and stories below.  Please read on to find out more...


All of the testimonials and stories here are the result of genuine feedback from our clients.  We're very happy to share it with you.  We don't take a scattergun approach but aim to show those stories that best represent where we're headed on our own business journey.

For each project we're involved in, we ask for feedback and the opportunity to tell the world about our work and a little about our clients too.  Never anything business critical or sensitive and never more than our clients give us permission to discuss.

We're always on the lookout for ways to increase the value we give to our clients because we believe that good service must never end with a successful go-live.  So the feedback that our clients give us, is always used to direct and improve our future engagements both with existing and new clients alike.

Diesel and Industrial Engine Spares


Excellent, Wow-factor, professional.

We wanted to achieve a more professional website, with more information about our company and links for customers to view catalogues, lists etc.

Diesel and Industrial Engine Spares

nanoputian.io not only met our needs but surpassed them.  Jason is very professional, he took the time to understand what we were looking for and then put the steps in place for us to achieve it.

They know what they are doing, everything we asked was completed in a timely and professional manner and most of all we could relax and trust in the work they do.

Celeste Derry - Administration Manager - Diesel & Industrial Spares Pty Ltd

the brief

Diesel and Industrial's original website was no longer serving their needs following strong company growth and wasn't mobile friendly. Our brief was to modernise and create a robust site with much improved search rankings that didn't require increased staff workload for maintenance and didn't lose the original brand identity or assets.

the project

Acknowledging that in addition to the website, DAI would benefit from an upgrade to their email service we included the option for Microsoft hosted email (Exchange online), which DAI proceeded with. Due to the complexity of their existing hosting provisions, this entailed a full exchange migration and careful planning for DNS changes.

the outcome

Separating the website and email services from the existing on-premise server and by using AWS CloudFront allowed us to create a modern fast experience for the client and their customers, which ranks well in search.  The reconfiguration of the system landscape has reduced complexity overall and reduced the workload on the remaining on-premise IT systems.

Excited & happy!

We were undergoing an extensive rebranding, working with a design and branding agency to establish an identity that represented the ethos and aims of our Gym and its community.  We wanted our new website to stand out, be a little different without being too complex but still follow our strict brand guidelines.

Ritual HQ 24/7 Gym

nanoputian.io created our new website and did a phenomenal job!  They were also incredibly helpful with getting our IT up and running again after nearly losing everything that we have!  Their ongoing service is amazing and for this we are extremely grateful.  We highly recommend them.

If you want a website that stands out but is also extremely effective, nanoputian.io is for you. Their pricing was bang on and they exceeded our expectations.

Tyler Small - Ritual HQ

the brief

Following a realignment of their business goals and philosophy, Ritual HQ engaged a respected and innovative branding agency, Madam Republic for their rebranding exercise.  Our brief was to follow the strong brand image and guidelines provided by Madam Republic, along with strong imagery and artwork into a website that would truly reflect Ritual HQ's new direction as a unique Gym with a strong and vibrant community.

the project

With the new branding and style thoroughly, clearly documented, the project was off to a good start.  Decisions around fonts and colours were clear and the brand assets provided strong guidance on how our design should take shape, even down to the angles used in backgrounds.  As part of our consultation we established that Ritual HQ also needed to upgrade email services so we migrated them to Exchange Online.  With an IT hardware failure during the project, we also stepped in to resolve their core IT issues too.

the outcome

We loved working with Ritual HQ and are proud to be able to continue to support their growing business and thriving Gym community.  Since go-live, their continuing evolution has led us to add functionality to their site including additional social media feeds for instant content updates from their highly active team.  As a HealCode developer partner, we recently added client access to online scheduling of bookings through their MindBody system, all completed using a serverless microarchitecture solution.

Fiona Wright


Very impressed.

My project goals were to have a website that looked really slick and professional, and that represented who I am.  In saying this, I needed someone who could run with my basic ideas, and using their knowledge and know how to turn it into something more than I imagined.

Fiona Wright Music and Music Therapy

nanoputian.io service has been fantastic, extremely personalised and often times above what was expected.

I liked how Jason explained everything to me and included me in every decision and step taken, even though I am not very tech savvy.

Fiona Wright - Musician/Singer and Registered Music Therapist

the brief

Having never had a website before, Fiona wanted to gain an online presence to show her clients and agents as part of her portfolio. Our brief was to create a personal web site that would represent her style, music and her personal approach to music therapy, while also providing a way for people to connect and hear about her upcoming public gigs.

the project

Modelling the home page around the theme of an album cover gave us a strong guideline for the rest of Fiona's site.  Although the brief was intended to keep things simple, we took the opportunity to include social media plugins from Facebook to work alongside her scheduled public gig dates, venues and samples of Fiona's music for visitors to enjoy.

the outcome

Working with individual artists and creatives like Fiona is something we enjoy as it's a great opportunity for us to connect with people who are directly passionate about their work, just as we are.  Feedback from Fionas clients, family and friends was great to see and share and we're happy to give Fiona some peace of mind knowing we're always there to keep her site updated, so she can focus on her work, her family and her music.