Website Design Services

Web Design Services


We design and build modern mobile friendly websites, that are robust, secure and respond quickly whatever the volume of traffic and wherever in the world that traffic comes from.

Our custom build approach ensures your website meets your needs and is not constrained by the limitations of a prebuilt template.

Our Approach

We believe that all businesses, regardless of size and type deserve great and engaging websites.  We also believe that no business should ignore the fact that mobile devices are, for many people, the first and often the last tool used when searching for information and businesses on the internet.

For this reason, we build websites with a responsive mobile-first approach based on frameworks and libraries that allow us to deliver sites that look and work just as well on desktops as they do on mobile devices.  If your website doesn’t look as awesome on a smartphone as it does on a desktop browser, we think your business is missing out and we’d like to help fix that.

The websites we build don’t pay lip-service to mobile, by providing a ‘mobile friendly’ duplicate of an existing desktop targeted site, because we also believe in simplicity.  By ensuring the sites we build are platform, browser and device agnostic we ensure that maintenance effort is reduced and not multiplied.

Serverless design

As part of our goal of achieving simplicity, we maintain strong separation between static and active content.  Dynamic and user generated content is delivered through client side scripting and individually secured cloud based API’s, whether these are our own or selected 3rd party functionalities, while static content is delivered by the Amazon CloudFront CDN.

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The combination of rich client side functionality and our API based approach to providing active content is something we are proud of and which, in our opinion, not only blurs the line between custom static and traditional server powered sites but redefines and largely eliminates it.

Performance and security

By adopting a cloud hosted approach using Amazon Web Services for the delivery of the sites we build, we are able to ensure your site has awesome uptime, is highly secure against both accidental and malicious damage and performs brilliantly, wherever your audience is.  For applications where user data must be secured, we use the AWS certificate manager for provision of SSL certificates (so your website is HTTPS secure).

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For added security, AWS web application firewall can be used to control access and further reduce risk of malicious attack but ultimately we look after your services by ensuring that static content and configuration are secured against unauthorised modification through use of secure authentication mechanisms rather than simple passwords.

Comprehensive service

Our design services follow a personal approach, where we aim to start delivering draft content for you to review as soon as possible so you remain part of the design process at all stages.  We offer more than just website design and development though.  Our services use the wide range of products from Amazon Web Services that allow us to build out your entire digital landscape.

Our services include domain hosting/registration, email services through our partnership with Microsoft Office 365 and ongoing content advice both for your website and social media, to help ensure your business can be discovered by clients, customers and users.

We’ve even been known to provide hardware assistance to new and reorganising small businesses!

We offer a comprehensive service because we're aware that what often starts as a discussion around a new website, can turn into a dialogue about your future business direction and how your existing needs might be met better both now and in the long term by a stronger move into the cloud.

Our team and network of associates and partners brings us web developers, SEO experts, brand specialists, graphic designers and IT service and solution providers with experience across many industry verticals.  Having a wide range of expertise at hand allows us to see and help build the bigger picture of your business.

Whether you have existing service providers you would like to continue working with, or need to start with a fresh approach, we can support your needs.

Comprehensive aftercare

By providing a comprehensive website design service, we allow you to focus on your core business rather than on building and maintaining your website.  Our hosting services and fees optionally include a regular maintenance component so that we can make changes to your core fixed content quickly at your request without additional charges, while our serverless approach means that you remain in control of frequently changing content, like blogs, photo posts and social media content.

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There are lots of free self-build website design services in the market today.  Services like Wix and Squarespace provide great templates for those with the time to DIY but you’re here, so we’re guessing you’ve looked into self-build and have decided it’s not for you.  Maybe you don’t have time to invest in defining, setting up, refining or maintaining a site by yourself, or you need something different.  That’s where we come in.


As with everything worth having, cost depends on scale and complexity but we have guidelines that are based on Australian industry standards.  Estimates for our web site design services are individualised to take the complexity of your needs into account, with domain and email related services charged at cost price plus setup fees.

If you have a specific look in mind or favourite website, or even a favourite template, we’ll work with that as part of our brief.  Otherwise, we’ll be happy to work closely with you and your branding agency if you’ve appointed one, to deliver something truly unique.

If you need API based functionalities or 3rd party plugins, our work is charged at our regular hourly rate, while prices for custom built functionalities and more complex services such as e-commerce are nominally based on our hourly rate but may be adjusted depending on reusability.

Sounds scary? Don’t be put off. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to have an initial discussion without obligation.  The start point for a new or redesigned website should be based on your budget and the goals you want to achieve.  We’ll be happy to help you work out how those goals can be best achieved within your budget and timeframes.