Software integrations and Cloud-Native Applications

We design and build event-driven serverless applications and solutions that are robust, cost-optimised, scalable and sustainable. Our solutions respond predictably and reliably regardless of workload with high security and fault tolerance.

88% capex savings
98% opex savings
99.95% service availability
11 9's data reliability

What we do

We build exceptional serverless products that delight customers. Our Team provides full-service discovery, design, build and support of solutions to meet client-specific needs and workflows.

Cloud native applications

We support clients, startups, and SaaS vendors to design and develop cloud-native, 100% serverless applications and software. Employing modern microservice architectures, our solutions are highly available, reliable and event-driven. Our team rapidly develops and deploys solutions that deliver data on time, every time, globally.

cloud native applications

Serverless products

Based on our experience developing cloud-native applications, our team has built a range of products that solve modern business problems, reducing the time to solution, and increasing business agility.

serverless products

Integrations and Automation

Our integration platform combined with domain expertise supports customers to improve business productivity by connecting systems and automating workflows between critical business software.

integration and automation
aws select partner

AWS Select Partner

Nano is an AWS Select Partner with extensive experience in deploying system integration and cloud native software solutions on AWS. With deep technical expertise in serverless application development, we continue to promote technical team competencies through ongoing training in Cloud-native and Well-Architected solution development.

AWS select partner

Our Products

Our products are built entirely on a Serverless stack, meaning they are low cost to operate and maintain, but more importantly, they provide world class reliability and scalability to customers.


nanoConnect is a massively scalable, highly configurable, and rapidly deployable integration platform built for customers who can't compromise on performance or be constrained by opinionated frameworks that other iPaaS solutions offer.

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nanoAuth is a completely serverless authentication service that is highly configurable and able to support advanced OAuth2 compliant authentication, and SSO. The multi-tenant capable service scales to millions of users and supports sign-in with social identity providers and enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

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Serverless web

nanoWeb is a web application platform that provides customers with massively scalable and highly configurable serverless infrastructure. Web developers can use the tools they're accustomed to in developing websites and web-apps.

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