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Event-driven Serverless Enterprise Application Integration and Application Modernisation solutions that are robust, cost-optimised, scalable and sustainable. Our serverless solutions respond predictably and reliably regardless of workload with high security and fault tolerance.

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Dramatic cost savings

What we do

Our team provides full-service discovery, design, build and support of solutions to meet client-specific business needs and workflows. In addition to helping customers solve software integration problems, we also support SaaS vendors to rearchitect and redevelop their software platforms to utilise modernised cloud-native serverless technologies. Our solutions enable the creation of real-time event-driven APIs providing a high level of connectivity regardless of platform. Our team rapidly develops and deploys solutions that deliver data on time, every time, globally. In particular, we specialise in connecting the dots between high-value platforms including:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Workforce Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Asset Information Systems
  • Legacy Systems
  • Devices

Our serverless event-driven microarchitectures provide the connectivity needed for painlessly integrating with software solutions such as:

  • SAP Solutions
  • Workforce Software
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • Salesforce
  • Other Applications
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Nano is an AWS Select Partner with extensive experience in deploying system integration and cloud native software solutions on AWS. With deep technical expertise in serverless application development, we continue to promote technical team competencies through ongoing training in Cloud-native and Well-Architected solution development.

Dramatic cost savings

Dramatic cost savings

Our solutions are optimised to reduce development and operational costs. Serverless event-driven architectures ensure customers only pay for what they use, leading to dramatic reductions in operating costs. Our design approach allows us to rapidly deploy and make changes to integrations without a huge price tag and we don't charge for unnecessary support services.

Reduce vendor lock-in

Superior reliability

Our micro-services design maximizes the uptime and availability of integration solutions whilst eliminating single points of failure. They further enable the processing of high volume data and dynamic scaling to meet peak demand. Leveraging serverless technology, our solutions offer superior reliability over traditional integrations.

Robust solutions

Unlimited scalability

Our serverless solutions have massive scalability. Gone are the days of having to worry about resizing IT environments, or ensuring that they're patched to the latest OS/security configurations. As the demand for services goes up and down, our solutions dynamically scale as required.

Service and support

Robust security

OAuth2.0, MFA, 2FA, SSO, whatever the security required we've got it covered. Our solutions are secure by design, operating on a least-privilege basis with strong compartmentalisation of services. Our solutions have been subjected to stringent cyber-security and penetration testing and are trusted by major corporations.


capex savings


opex savings


service availability


data reliability

Our products

Our products are built entirely on a Serverless stack, meaning they are low cost to operate and maintain, but more importantly, they provide world class reliability and scalability to customers. No servers are created in the process of delivering our products to you, and we ensure that our products operate with the highest level of environmental sustainability, only consuming power and resources at the time those resources are required.

When desiging our products we took the time to implement an infrastructure as code approach for deployments, this means our team is able to rapidly develop software running as microservices on AWS and just as quickly deploy those updates throughout the entire stack. Since both code and infrastructure are defined 'in code' it offers our team a highly flexible environment in which to experiment, test and deploy new solutions to our customers.

Our serverless application design offers the following benefts passed directly on to our customers:

Serverless applications
  • Scalability - Our platforms scale to millions of concurrent users on demand.
  • 99.95% Availability - High availability of data and resources with practically zero down-time.
  • 11x9s Data Reliability & Durability - never worry about losing your data, it is backed up automatically.
  • Low TCO - We only pay by the millisecond of compute time and pass on the operational savings to you.
  • Security - We make use of industry standard encryption and MFA login security along with client data segregation to protect your information.
  • Flexibiliy - Our infrastructure as code deployment approach accelerates platform improvements, meaning less time to resolve issues and faster deployment of requested features.
  • Data Sovereignty - regardless of where you are in the world, our platforms are deployable in-region to support local compliance and regulations.

Serverless compute

Integration platform

nanoConnect is a massively scalable, highly configurable, and rapidly deployable integration platform built for customers who can't compromise on performance or be constrained by opinionated frameworks that other iPaaS solutions offer. Learn more.

Authentication Service

Authentication service

nanoAuth is a completely serverless authentication service that is highly configurable and able to support advanced OAuth2 compliant authentication, and SSO. The multi-tenant capable service scales to millions of users and supports sign-in with social identity providers and enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Learn more.

Serverless applications

Serverless web applications

nanoWeb is a web application platform that provides customers with massively scalable and highly configurable serverless infrastructure. Web developers can use the tools they're accustomed to in developing websites and web-apps. Learn more.