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With a long history of developing integration solutions for ERP, Workforce and CRM platforms, our founders had first hand experience with the pain and frustration of building integrations with the solutions available.  Established in 2015 nanoputian.io (nano) has been an early adopter of serverless applications and event driven architectures.  Combining with this multi-domain knowledge, nano challenges the status-quo by building serverless integrations that eliminate the pain of traditional solutions.

We design, build and implement integrations to meet specific business needs and workflows, rapidly developing and deploying solutions which work independently, reliably and securely to deliver information on-time, every-time, globally.

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Why nano?

When considering integrations for an enterprise application, most customers start their journey by contacting their vendor, or their managed service provider (IT partner), or an iPaaS solution provider for support. In most cases this will lead to costly and painful experiences.

  • Software vendors are incentivised to maximise the Total Lifetime Value of their customers and will offer high cost services by 'niche' developers to support their business needs
  • An MSP is typically underqualified to provide the right level of software development capability which leads to projects which are delayed, overrun and fail to meet the business requirements
  • An iPaaS solution will look great on paper, but customers quickly find out it doesn't cover specific workflows and requires substantial investment in the platform and staff capabilities to get it to do what's needed.

Just like you, we're tired of the pain of traditional solutions.  That's why we've developed an alternative; one that doesn't lock customers into high-cost integration platforms, or high-cost operational expenditures to keep them running.  We offer solutions which do exactly what they say on the tin.

Our Solutions

How we work

We've designed and built our own connectors into enterprise platforms for the purpose of extracting, transforming, loading and storing data.  We've developed robust ways of doing this that are fast and effective and can be quickly configured for different customers.  We don't use the costly integration tools that vendors provide but rather build serverless pipelines which include identity management and high levels of security by design.  We have niche developers only for those parts of the integration where they're required and leverage the power of commonly used code languages and a serverless tech stack that is so simple to manage it's almost completely hands-off.