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We design, develop and deploy scalable and secure event driven enterprise integrations comprised of robust, high performance and rapidly deployable solutions for extracting, transforming and loading data to and from enterprise applications. Our cloud-native solutions are built using common tools, frameworks and languages instead of expensive vendor-specific tools, allowing us to focus on solving, not creating business problems.

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If you're interested in learning about the pros and cons of various options for Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI), download our whitepaper which discusses all of them in detail and explains how serverless solutions reduce business risk and minimise the total lifecycle cost.


We believe the glue that binds applications together should be simple and robust. If your data can be pushed or pulled from any system, database, API's, OData services, SOAP, XML, JSON or even text files, we can provide a solution that delivers more than just cost savings.  Our solutions offer:

  • Multi-cloud, platform-agnostic integrations
  • Freedom from restrictions and complexities imposed by vendor specific tools
  • Use of industry standard tools and programming languages to support maintainability
  • CI/CD pipelines and deployment automations for strong solution governance
  • Infrastructure as code to support high agility to changing business needs
  • Lightweight microservices
  • Transparent performance monitoring
  • Environmentally sustainable solutions
  • No lock-in contracts

Recent integrations and solutions

We're constantly building new solutions and are always looking for new challenges.  Here are just some of the recent integrations we've built for our enterprise customers:

Employee Central Payroll to Oracle FI

Realtime payroll postings from ECP to Oracle FI
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Workforce Software
REST for WorkForce Software

REST API based on-demand and bulk data extraction and ingest solutions
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Workforce Software
WorkForce Software data extraction and load

WFS scheduled and on-demand bulk data extraction and ingest solutions
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Employee Central Payroll to S/4HANA Finance

Realtime payroll postings from ECP to S/4HANA FI
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Virtual Drive for SAP

Bulk data transfers and sychronisation between SAP and AWS with network drive and SFTP access
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RESTful API for SAP ECP and S4/HANA data extraction and ingress
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BSB automatic update service

Automatic update of SAP and Employee Central with AusPayNet BSB updates
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Collaboration tools and messaging

Message integrations and approval workflows within various collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence and Teams
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