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We design, develop and deploy, scalable and secure event-driven enterprise integrations comprised of robust, high performance and rapidly deployable solutions for extracting, transforming, and loading data to and from enterprise applications. Our cloud-native solutions are built using common tools, frameworks, and languages instead of expensive vendor-specific tools. This allows us to focus on solving, not creating business problems.

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Integration options

Your integration options

If you're interested in learning about the various options available for Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI), our whitepaper discusses all of them in detail and explains how serverless solutions reduce business risk and minimise the total lifecycle cost.


We believe the glue that binds applications together should be simple and robust. If your data can be pushed or pulled from any system, database, API's, OData services, SOAP, LDAP, FTP, XML, JSON or even text files, we can provide a solution that delivers more than just cost savings.

Our modular approach to solution design means we can rapidly deploy and configure a library of connectors to clients via Infrastructure as Code. With very little effort an integration platform is created which encapsulates the majority of endpoints required by the business, allowing you to automate business processes, connect to other enterprise applications, build web and mobile applications, and drive business analytics with real-time data.

Serverless compute

Unconstrained freedom

Free your business from restrictions and complexities imposed by vendor-specific tools or Integration Platforms (iPaaS) that are highly opinionated and difficult to use. Serverless integrations built on a common coding language not only reduce business risk but also lead to increased flexibility and capabilities. Push beyond the limitations of your current solutions while decreasing the total cost of ownership.

Serverless storage

Industry standards

Eliminate security and business continuity risk through the use of standard tools and programming languages that offer increased solution transparency. Using typescript solutions such as node.js allows for the engagement of developers from anywhere on the planet to support maintenance. Eliminate the need for niche developers by using standard tools.

Serverless compute

Infrastructure as Code

Adopting an Infrastructure as Code approach to solution deployment enables a well-governed Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment methodology that decreases business risk and improves development times. The use of Infrastructure as Code allows developers to build integrations with a library of reference tools made immediately available in a three-tier environment. By developing solutions in this way our team can dynamically change infrastructure and code without downtime to production environments.


Serverless microarchitectures

Almost every workload today is suitable for modernisation. Adopting serverless computing, storage, networking, databases, management and security confers significant benefits to customers through lower total cost of ownership, improved reliability, scalability, security and performance, and amongst others. Serverless integrations have also been shown to provide reductions in business continuity risk.


Transparent performance

Serverless applications and integrations provide a high level of transparency to the business. They are built using industry-standard code language such as node.js allowing verification of the code and its performance in a three-tier development cycle including Dev, Test, and Production. In addition, simple notification services along with real-time performance monitoring tools provide the business with transparent reporting of performance as required.


Environmental sustainability

Serverless applications and integrations minimise the use of unnecessary computing resources. For the customer, this means only paying for the time it takes to compute something, but the happy byproduct of this is an overall reduction in energy wasted which leads to sustainable computing outcomes.

Recent integrations (case studies)

We're constantly building new solutions and are always looking for new challenges. Here are just some of the recent integrations we've built for our enterprise customers:

Application modernisation

We support application modernisation efforts by rearchitecting, design and development of cloud-based legacy applications with; Cloud-native Event-Driven Serverless Microarchitectures.
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SAP integrations

Simplified, Scalable and Secure connectivity to your SAP data.
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Workforce Software
Workforce Software integrations

Simplifying on-demand and bulk data extraction and ingest from Workforce Software.
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Oracle integrations

Highly secure and scalable data processing for data ingress and egress from Oracle Finance.
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Collaboration tools and messaging

Message integrations and approval workflows within various collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence and Teams.
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