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Built using cloud-native event-driven serverless components our solutions are highly scalable, reliable, secure, fault tolerant, and lead to significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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End-to-End Payroll Integrations

PayConnect is a turn-key integration solution combining expert domain knowledge with leading technology to deliver rapid and painless integrations for any payroll platform. We automate data flows between your payroll, HR and finance systems to ensure your team can focus on rapid and correct pay outcomes for your staff.

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Leaders in payroll integrations

We've delivered payroll and integration projects across 6 continents. Our solutions are deployable in 245 countries and territories across 27 regions. We create global solutions that solve local payroll problems.

Connect your Payroll Ecosystem

Powered by an integration platform with more than 1,400 connectors across HR + Finance + Payroll and other systems, our team is confident in its ability to solve any payroll integration challenge.

End-to-End payroll integration

When it comes to payroll integration, you need more than just middleware. With more than 30 years implementing payroll solutions we know how to help you structure data and processes to ensure a successful integration project.

Rapid Solution Delivery

Combining our global expertise and a library of software platform connectors and integration models, our team makes light work of your payroll integration project. Most payroll integrations are rolled out in weeks, not months.

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Serverless Integration Platform

nanoConnect is a massively scalable, highly configurable, and rapidly deployable integration platform built for customers who no longer wish to be constrained by the opinionated frameworks that other iPaaS solutions offer. nanoConnect comes in three flavours:

  • Enterprise deployments for customers that need an integration platform deployed in their own environment and would like to customise it further to their needs,
  • Whitelabel deployments for customers seeking to leverage the platform's power and scalability for their own clients, and our
  • Cloud Service which is a hosted and managed service allowing any developer or customer on the planet to build integrations.
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Web Application Platform

nanoWeb is a Jamstack web application hosting platform that provides customers with massively scalable and highly configurable serverless infrastructure. Web developers can use the tools they're accustomed to in developing websites and web-apps and rapidly deploy content into a 3 tier enterprise grade pipeline allowing them to safely develop, test and then deploy changes. Our flexible platform supports:

  • Static websites inclusive of custom forms,
  • Advanced websites including server-side rendering, dynamic content, and forms,
  • Web applications providing serverless vue/react/angular/js front-end and node.js backend.

Powered by AWS Lambda our solution scales to millions of visitors without the need for complex infrastructure, providing teams with the freedom to build whatever solution they can imagine.

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Authentication Service

nanoAuth is a completely serverless authentication service that is highly configurable and able to support advanced OAuth2 compliant authentication, and SSO. The service scales to millions of users and supports sign-in with social identity providers and enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

The service provides secure and scalable identity storage, identity federation, standards based authentication, and powerful features such as multi-factor authentication and risk-based adaptive authentication. It is managed through an API interface allowing for easy integration of the service into existing and applications.

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Cloud Native Applications

Reduce costs, gain efficiencies, make the most of existing investments

Our approach enables faster delivery of value to the organisation through scale and cost optimisation and from a well-governed CI/CD pipeline that supports reduced Capex and minimal future maintenance.

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Unconstrained freedom

Free your business from restrictions and complexities imposed by vendor-specific tools or Integration Platforms (iPaaS) that are highly opinionated and difficult to use.

Industry standards

Eliminate security and business continuity risk through the use of standard tools and programming languages that offer increased solution transparency.

Infrastructure as Code

Adopting an Infrastructure as Code approach to solution deployment enables a well-governed Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment methodology that decreases business risk and improves development times.

Serverless microarchitectures

Adopting serverless computing, storage, networking, databases, management and security confers significant benefits to customers through lower total cost of ownership, improved reliability, scalability, security and performance, and amongst others.

Transparent Performance

Serverless applications and integrations provide a high level of transparency to the business.

Environmental Sustainability

Serverless applications and integrations minimise the use of unnecessary computing resources.

Rapid Innovation

Our approach means we can rapidly iterate on solutions whilst maintaining business continuity for our customers.

Focus on what matters

The use of serverless (cloud-native) technology helps customers save money when building new applications and updating or retiring legacy solutions.

Software Integration

Get software integration and automation support from the experts

The nanoputian team is here to help all customers ranging from the inexperienced to the automation expert to create, update and manage their integrations and applications. Our aim is to reduce friction and return value as soon as possible.

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Powered by nanoConnect

Integrations built on nanoConnect not only reduce business risk but also lead to increased flexibility and capabilities. Push beyond the limitations of your current solutions while decreasing the total cost of ownership.

Delivering Customer Success

We ensure that every customer has access to the advice, design, development and support services required at different stages of your integration and automation journey.

Long term support

Our team provides full-service support for integrations and automations we build. We offer peace of mind knowing that a qualified expert is on hand as required.

Domain expertise

Composed of domain and technical experts, our team not only understands your business context, but how to deliver the greatest value for your business when designing and implementing integrations.

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  • Improve Accuracy
  • Increase Security
  • Improve Privacy
  • Reduce Stress
  • Save Money

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The business case for payroll automation

Automation reduces payroll processing costs by as much as 80 percent, much of that from reducing errors in invoices and paychecks. Learn how the intersection of a highly capable integration platform and core payroll expertise can reduce payroll issues, increase efficiency and improve employee well-being.